About Three Phase Innovations

Three Phase Innovations is dedicated to Distribution Transformer Training for Apprentice and Journeymen Linemen.

THREE PHASE INNOVATIONS came into existence through years of experience in building and servicing three phase WYE and DELTA transformer banks. Josh has 18 years of experience in teaching apprentice and journeymen the craft. That translated into a desire to communicate the the lessons learned and to share his expertise with others. In order to provide this, the idea to build scale models of the banks with the inter connecting wiring, came to mind. After six year of research and development, we have an operational facility that is producing educational equipment for your technicians.

We have installed our equipment on time and to the customers delight and satisfaction.  At present, we are gearing up for some larger orders that will be delivered on schedule as promised.

THREE PHASE INNOVATIONS L.L.C. has been delivering quality products since we opened our facility in 2015. With your interest in mind, through research and field experience we craft all our products .  Our craftsmen are detail oriented  and understand the importance of what they are doing.  Everything we  build is designed to replicate on site conditions and equipment. When properly assembled, the units will provide real time – in the field – experiences. Three Phase Innovations and our suppliers do not manufacture or use inferior components. Our equipment can be dismantled and is portable.

We have published documents that outline three phase transformer hook-ups as well as their corresponding technical data.

Everything leaving our facility has been tested and must comply with our design concepts for 208VAC – 120VAC power distribution. . Our products have been engineered to provide reliable and long term performance.  At the same time, we must provide our customers with cost effective equipment without sacrificing  integrity. A complete line of replacement parts is available to our customers.

Josh Nichols has 23 years of overall experience including 18 years as an instructor.  Jason Leary has 17 years of experience in the distribution transformer field. They complement each other and are passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We are devoted to providing our customers with quality equipment. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.